Success Stories

Quitting tobacco is hard, but not impossible! Below are a few members of SUNY Oswego who decided to leave tobacco behind and live tobacco free. Check out their stories and see that they are proud to be called a quitter!


 Joe Camel used to smoke two packs a day. Once he realized that although he look Kool hanging out on Newport Beach every night with his friend Paul Mall, the girl of his life Virgina Slim wanted nothing to do with his smokey breath, yellow teeth, and crusty fingernails. He decided to quit and with the help of the cessation resources at SUNY Oswego such as counseling with Mary Walker and meeting new friends such as Bazooka Joe to replace Paul Mall, he found a new love, Nikki Patch. She’s not long-term dating material but she’s fun to hangout with for now.

If you would like to be a quitter as well check out our Cessation Services page for more information!

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Stories Of Success

The Great American Smokeout is coming up on November 15, 2012 and we're trying to help current smokers in their decisions to quit. You can help! If you've quit already, share advice, motivation, words of encouragement, or anything that you want. No matter what, just make sure to tell us your story! Let others know what worked for you. IMPORTANT: By submitting this form you agree to let The Lifestyles Center publish what you've written in print or on the web. We reserve the right to edit for spelling/grammar before publishing.
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