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A Banana Split is considered a feel good meal, you know one of the meals you start humming too while you’re chewing and you don’t even know why but you just know it feels like the best moment of your life? That’s what Banana splits do! I’ve gonna ahead and mixed sugar and healthy for you this week because why not? We all deserve to indulge here and there. If you haven’t heard of a banana split (which I know you’ve had) or if you haven’t had one before (so sad), here’s how I make this great delicious treat below.

You’ll need:

1 Ripe banana (for that sweet smooth touch)

1 large pint Neapolitan ice cream

1 large banana

1 cherry

Chocolate syrup

Strawberry syrup

Chopped roasted pecans

Whipped cream

1 Boat bowl (or plate)

How to:

It gets messy, but it taste so good. The banana goes on the bottom of everything because it’s that smooth, perfectly sweet ending. On top of the banana goes the three scoops of ice cream side by side (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry). Next comes the whipped cream, then the pecans, then the syrups and you finish it off with a cherry on top! Yum! Don’t be afraid to indulge because bananas help with weight loss and they help keep away type 2 diabetes! You also can make your banana split specific to your liking. In the image, the banana is cut in half and placed on both sides but when I make it, I simply peel the banana and go crazy with everything on top. Enjoy!

Written and Researched by Shakira Samuels, Peer Educator

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