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College, for some, is a time of endless opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities come in the form of classes, internships, connections, etc. However, sometimes opportunities come in the form of easily accessible junk food, sugary drinks, alcohol, unlimited free coffee, drugs, etc. We all know these things are bad for us but we are human and we make mistakes. For example, I ate pizza for lunch and dinner yesterday and I just finished my third cup of coffee. For those of us who could use a nice detox once in awhile (or every day), or those of us find hydrating to be extremely boring, here is a list of tasty detox water options that you can make at home or in the dining hall!
Try these:

Cucumber, Lime and Green Tea Water (Mint Optional)

This water in particular helps to control your body’s insulin and can even aid in weight loss!

Grapefruit Water

Putting grapefruit in your water is an easy way to add vitamin C and antioxidants to you diet while staying hydrated! This water helps to detox the liver.

Strawberry Lime Water (Basil Optional)

Strawberries and limes are rich in vitamin C. If you add basil leaves, you are adding even more antioxidants. This water reduces inflammation and can protect your body from free radicals.

Watermelon Water (Mint Optional)

Watermelon contains citrulline which flushes toxins from your body. Consequently, this drink is great for your liver.

Cucumber Orange Water (Mint Optional)

This drink contains amino acids that rid the liver and kidneys of ammonia. Mint (optional) aid in digestion and controls the flow of bile.

Apple Cinnamon Water

Apples contain malic acid which helps to open bile ducts in your liver. Cinnamon speeds your metabolism.

Soaked Strawberry Water

For this water, let the strawberries soak in the water overnight. This water allows ellagic acid into the water. This acid has shown to kill cancer cells. The Vitamin C helps to flush fats from the liver.



For each recipe, add fruits and spices to water (until you like the taste) and either let it soak for more infused water or drink it immediately. When the water runs out, simply leave all of the fruits and spices in the cup and add more water! These tasty detox waters are a great way to cleanse your system and stay hydrated.

Written and Researched by Sarah Pasquarelli, Peer Educator

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