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The dining hall has some peculiar options for breakfast. Let’s face it, sometimes things that maybe should not have come to fruition did, and from that you simply do not want to attend the most important meal of the day. But, because of it being so important to your day (lots of research has proven this fact), one should not simply skip breakfast. Instead try this amazing (Healthy) Breakfast Whopper.

-1 Bagel, any flavor (We use Blueberry or Cinnamon & Raisin)

-1 Banana, sliced

-1 Apple, cut into slivers

-Peanut Butter

-Honey (If you need something sweet)

-Fill a small dish with any of the following (they will act as the “fixings” in your Whopper):

-Dried Cranberries




-Sunflower Seeds

So, the execution is pretty simple. Just toast the bagel, spread peanut butter on either side, place bananas and/or apples on one of those sides and your “fixings” on the other. Then to ensure minimal fallout, flip the banana and/or apple side over onto your fixings and enjoy (The honey will also act as an adhesive if you use that). Enjoy!