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For my first recipe post here on the Lifestyles Blog I’m tempted to bring one of my fancy flashy vegan recipes, but I wanted to share something super practical for us college students. This is my go-to breakfast, I make it almost every night and bring it to class with me in the morning. Whole grains are the best fuel for your brain and are what’s going to keep you full longest! The best part is that the possibilities with it are endless and you can change it up and add whatever you’d like. I’m sure you’ve seen this idea thrown around everywhere lately, but it is actually super cheap and dining hall friendly.

Here’s the base:

  • ½ C Oats (Old fashioned rolled oats are the best)

*you can buy a whole big tin at Walmart for $1.64 that will last you weeks

  • 1 C liquid
  • This can be water, milk, almond/soy milk
      • Tip: I like to just use water and then in the morning I put a splash of the soy milk that’s out by Fusion Cafe in Shineman or in Lake Effect Cafe for a little (free) creaminess!

Then the fun part….

Add whatever you want! Fresh fruit, dried fruit, spices, maple syrup, nuts! Combinations are endless!

Here are a few of my favorite combinations:  

*cough*cough* (notice how you can get most of these things in the dining hall)

  • Apple (cut into small pieces), maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Banana, peanut/almond butter, cinnamon

*Mash the banana before, stir it in and it sweetens every bite

  • Dried fruit, maple syrup or honey (also can get free at cafes around campus)

*Raisins and dried cranberries (can get in dining hall)

**If you love fig newtons, get some dried figs and cut them up (it’s heavenly)

Just throw it all together the night before and grab it in the morning to go! I prefer to put it in a mason jar because it fits easy in my bag and I know it won’t spill! If you like it warm you could always heat before you go (it keeps warm for a while) or in the microwaves at Fusion or Lake Effect!

Researched and written by Peer Educator, Amanda George

Photo Cred: Amanada George