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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to get into some winter festivities for the Holidays. What better way to do that than eating? So quickly gather these ingredients and prepare yourself for a tasty treat!

        Imagine the sound of your first bite as your teeth grind against the sweet fruity seeds of the berry. The taste is heavenly. Strawberries have such a delectable savoriness. As you take your first bite into the heart shaped fruit, you notice the scarlet outer skin covered in speckles. The smell is quite delightful as the aroma refreshes the room. On top of that, your mouth seems to be overjoyed by the frosting, it adds the sugary appeal you need and instantaneously melts in your mouth. The juice dashingly dribbles down your face. You frantically try to place your hands under your chin to catch each drop but fail almost every time. You can’t help but to be pleased by this strawberry Santa and you reach to grab another! Not only was this one of the easiest recipes you’ve ever made, but also you are now concerned you’re addicted. Good luck with that!      

What You Will Need:

  •      Strawberries
  •      White Frosting
  •      Little Tube of Black Icing Gel or Mini M&M’s
  •      Knife


  1. Gather your materials and rinse off the strawberries.
  2. Cut off all of the leaves on the strawberries and throw away the leaves afterwards.
  3.  Cut off the tips of the strawberries one by one. You want to place these somewhere on the side because you will use them later on!
  4.  Keep in mind:  The strawberries need to be completely dry. So make sure you pat them down with paper towel. Otherwise, the frosting won’t stick!
  5.  Get out your frosting! Spread it on top of the body of the strawberry (where the tip used to be).
  6. Then, place the tip on top of the frosting! It should stick.
  7. Add a small dot of frosting on top of the tip to create a hat for your strawberry Santa!
  8. Lastly, add the eyes. You can use either black icing gel or mini M&M’s.

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