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Not so much a recipe as a collection of things necessary to face Oswego winters, the culmination of items below can make even the most frigid of temperatures much more manageable. Whether your commute is from Funelle to Morano, or Oneida to Wilber, any and all combination of these “ingredients” can be a helpful and inventive way to stay comfortable in one of the most temperamental times of the year.


Lip Balm (can be collected at your local Lifestyles Center or look for our Red Wagon)

Small Ziploc of Healthy Snacks (pick up some dried fruits or almonds to match the increased calorie loss of walking in high winds)

Hand Warmers (these cheap, feel-good heat packs work great in gloves or socks)

Travel-Size Hand Lotion (cold weather unfortunately creates dry and cracking skin)

Tissues (Clear out your runny nose when you get to class. You may not be sick, but your nose will drip)

A Pair of Ear Pops (small and portable, these products pop over ears without the hassle of over your head ear muffs)

A Picture of Oswego’s World-Famous Sunset (to remind you that this weather is temporary)

1. Pick a pocket in your bag and empty it. Make this the exclusive “winter pack” collection of your winter-beating goods.
2. Place items into pocket in an organized and well-proportioned fashion. If you feel like you are the type of person to use way more cough drops than you do use lip balm, pack accordingly.
3. Replenish empty supplies as necessary.
4. Beat the freezing cold with your awesome collection of things.

Written By Riley Ackley, Editorial Peer Mentor

Photo Cred: Backpacking Wilderness