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My friend is close to a guy who she just got out of a relationship with. She ended it but he calls her many times a day and they talk constantly. She’s seen him since their breakup, even though she always says that she won’t see him for a while (he is in town so she just HAS to visit). She says they aren’t talking much, but they text or message all throughout the day. He didn’t physically abuse her (yet) but has screamed at her over the phone and made her afraid he was going to come to her room. He’s manipulating and I do not think this relationship is healthy. She’s constantly stressed. She doesn’t listen to what I say. What should I do?

Dear Concerned Friend,

As an organization, Two and A Half wishes to support everyone in their time of need. In our opinion, Two and A Half believes that the best choice would to be just support your friend no matter what. As a friend, you never want to be too overbearing or overstep your boundaries because you want your friend to feel comfortable with confiding in you. Just support her through her situation. Whether this means just being a shoulder to cry on or a friendly face to remind her of her worth, just support her.

If you would like additional help with this, feel free to reach out to SAF , Lisa Evaneski, or the counseling center for moral support and better resources. You could also attend one of Two and A Half’s general meetings with your friend every Tuesday at 8pm in Marano Campus Center room 232 and learn more about how to provide support as a concern friend.


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