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Who can I talk to on campus about an assault that happened 10 years ago? I am still emotionally damaged by it and I have never told anyone.

Dear Ready2Tell,

We think it is so brave of you to want to share your story. Did you know that 68% of sexual assault attacks go unreported? Making the decision to speak about your past is one of the first steps to healing after an assault. Two and A Half encourages you to utilize campus resources such as the Counseling Services Center. Confiding in a counselor and processing with a support is healing. There is also a victim advocate located here on campus from SAF (Services to Aid Families). Her name is Amanda Barbera. She is on campus every Friday in the Walker Health Center located in the back of the Lifestyles center. Lastly, we do not know if you are interested, but Two and A Half hosts an event called Story Tellers every Spring semester. This year it will be tonight April 12th from 8pm-10pm in Campus Center room 211. A lot of students use this as there safe space to tell their stories. Two and A Half has created a safe space with this event and whatever is said in the room stays there. Please join us if you are feeling up to it otherwise continue to write us on our blog for support. We hope this information helps.


Two and A Half