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Wednesday Hump Day: Sexual Assault Policy on Campus

For those of you who don’t already know, Title IX is “the gender equality law that states that no person shall be excluded from participation in essentially anything on a school’s campus on the basis of sex” (NCAA).  Of course, with studies showing an increase in campus sexual assaults and campus rape cases, DeVos’ announcement is quite vital to the wellbeing of the millennial community.  According to RAINN, “sexual violence is more prevalent at college compared to any other crime” (RAINN).

As cases have mounted in the past recent years, various schools have been under investigation for potentially violating Title IX policies while dealing with sexual assault situations, and so DeVos’ policy-making will especially carry weight when it comes to considering all the potential future violations of the policy.  According to BuzzFeed News, The U.S. Secretary of Education plans to speak at George Mason University on Thursday, September 7 about changing Title IX to federal policy when dealing with campus rape.  This change would assure greater protection for all under the law.

The Education Department’s main goals are to make significant enough changes to federal policy so that schools can better deal with sexual violence on their campuses nationwide, along with properly help all of the victims and survivors in the process.  There is no doubt that changes to IX policy need to come rather quickly and that it must include more guidelines for schools on what to do when a student reports a sexual assault, guidelines on how long campus investigations should take, and guidelines on what evidence to use in such cases. DeVos will address some of these issues in her announcement on September 7.  


Researched and Written by Peer Educator, Ashley Johnson