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Many of us may know of an individual in our personal experience that has been involved in the abuse of drugs and narcotics. Being the hopeful individuals we are we sometimes believe that someday the person we care about will realize that they have a problem and seek out the help of others to combat the addiction. But what if they don’t?

In her piece written for The Los Angeles Time, Kerry Madden shares a personal life story involving the death of her son’s friend at the hand of drugs.

The article, which reflects on Madden’s feelings and thoughts about the death of Noah, her son’s friend, provides insight as to how Noah lost his path as he got older and her passive response to this issue. As a bystander, Madden now wonders whether she could have done more. Madden’s addressing of Noah, not as a drug addict but as a victim of disease is one that is both relevant and important.

Written by Stacy Palacios, Peer Educator

Photo Cred:Temazepam