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WEEKEND PREVIEW (2/24-2/26):

From open skate to planetarium shows, Oswego has plenty of things to do this weekend. If you ever need the full list of events, you can always look up SUNY Oswego’s event calendar to get all the details. But, here are a few of my favorites this upcoming weekend:

Today, Friday February 24th

Open Skate

Time: 12-2pm

Location: Marano Campus Center

Do you need something fun to do with your friends? If you don’t enjoy this icy weather, try to do something inside to avoid the cold weather. Open Skate may be the perfect event for you!

The cover charge is free for SUNY Oswego students so make sure you bring your student ID. If you are not a current student or if you are visiting the college, it will only cost you $3. Skate rentals are also $3 so keep that in mind! If you want more information on Open Skate, call 315-312-2578.

Open Skate is also going on this Sunday as well! So if you enjoy your time today, make sure you go back Sunday night between 6-7pm.

Another awesome event going on this weekend is the Planetarium Show! If you’d rather not do something as active as Open Skate, you can do something intellectual and learn about astronomy. Here are the details:

Sunday, February 26th

Planetarium Show

Time: 7-8pm

Location: Room 223, Shineman Center

This entire event is free. The physics department will be hosting this event on campus at the Shineman Center. You may get the chance to experience what it is like to look through a high quality telescope (if the weather isn’t so bad). You will also get the chance to learn about multiple different calendars including the modern solar calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the solar-lunar calendars, and the pure lunar calendars.This is definitely an event I would suggest to check out, it is pretty neat.

If you want to view more events in the community visit this link:!
Written and researched by Peer Educator, Megan Tuohey

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