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WEEKEND PREVIEW: (3/24-3/26)

Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself busy throughout the week! If you and your friends need something interesting to do, try out some of these SUNY Oswego events!

Today, Friday March 24th

Art Events                                                              Time                       Location

        Art Exhibit: “Internum Opera”                 8am-4:30pm          Metro Center

        Master of Art Student Exhibition             10am-4pm              Tyler Hall

        Art Exhibit: “Going for Adventure”                      12pm-5pm             Downtown

If you missed out on some of these events, two of them repeat themselves the next day! There are also more details provided in the link below.

Saturday, March 25th

Art Events                                                              Time                       Location

        Master of Art Student Exhibition             10:30am-4pm        Tyler Hall

        Art Exhibit: “Going for Adventure”          12pm-5pm             Downtown

Sunday, March 26th

Women’s Softball vs. Houghton

        Time: 3-5pm

        Location: Laker Softball Field

Come out and support your Lakers this Sunday at the Laker Softball Field! The Women’s softball team will be challenging another Division III school. The game will be outside, so get out of your dorm room and get your friends to join along.

Another awesome event to go to on Sunday is the Planetarium show!

Sunday, March 26th

Planetarium Show: “The Stars of Spring”

        Time: 7-8pm

        Location: Room 223, Shineman Center

This is your chance to stargaze at SUNY Oswego! The Planetarium Director, Scott Roby, is hosting this exciting event on Sunday night. This event is entirely free including the parking (Centennial Drive lot & Washington Boulevard lot). Star maps will be available as you gaze upon the stars and constellations.

        The ‘Draco the Dragon’ constellation will be pointed out in the sky! It is the eighth-largest constellation and the origins of its name mean “huge serpent” in Latin. ‘Leo the Lion’ will also be shown in the sky, as it is one of the 13 constellations of the Zodiac. It represents people born between July 22-August 22. So if your Birthday correlates with Leo, maybe this is a sign that you should go.

If both of these events don’t seem very appealing to you, check out the SUNY Oswego Events Calendar online. Link:


Written and Researched by Peer Educator, Megan Tuohey

Photo Cred:here