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Friday April 29th, 2016

 4:30 PM

 Color Run Oswego

When: Friday

Where: Glimmerglass Fitness Center

Description: The famed Color Run is coming to Oswego. This run is a lot of fun, where you can exercise and get colorful and messy all at the same time. This is a great event to check off of your bucket list. You go through a series of paint stations wear people throw powdered paint at you. It’s a lot of fun, so come on out. The registration deadline is April 27th, and the registration fee is $3, where you get a free shirt and sunglasses.


6:00 PM

 Lip Sync Battle

When: Friday

Where: The American Foundry (246 West Seneca St. Oswego, NY)

Description: If you always wanted to part of Lip Sync battles on TV, this event is for you. You can sign up with a team to perform a song. You can just be like the Backstreet Boys or Destiny’s Child, with your group. Registration is $100 for the entire team or $50 for individual. Proceeds go towards supporting the Habitat for Humanity of Oswego. The prizes are $200 for first, $100 for second, and $50 for third. If you just want to watch its $10 at the door. Come on out and have a great time with friends.


7:00 PM


When: Friday

Where: St. Joe’s Church (West 1st Street Oswego, NY)

Description: If you want to bring out your inner grandmother this event is for you. This event is perfect if you have always wanted to use a dabber for a game board (or is that just me?). The event is free, but there is over $1,500 in prizes if you win. So head on out to BINGO.


Saturday 30th, 2016

 1:00 PM

When: Friday

Where: Laker Turf Stadium

Description: Come support our lady Lakers as they go up against Brockport in this end-of-the-season matchup. You can watch as the woman go coast-to-coast with their ball movement and rip goals one after another. Come on out for a fantastic game at Laker Turf Stadium. Admission to the event is free.


8:00 PM

 Women’s Self Defense Course

When: Saturday

Where: Master Pryor’s Taekwondo America (177 West 1st St. Oswego, NY)

Description: Come one out to this fun and educational experience. This course will give basic self-defense skills that you can use for the rest of your life. This is a good way to help protect yourself. This can be a fun night with a group of girls or by yourself. So come on out to kick some butt. The class is $10.


Sunday May 1st, 2016

 2:00 PM

 Theater Production: “Space Pirates of Penzance

When: Sunday

Where: Hewitt Ballroom

Description: Come see a fantastic production with a great twist. This classic production is now upside down, because the setting is taking place in space. This great production is being put on by fellow Oswego students who have put their hard work into a stellar production. Come on out to support the theater. The cost of the ticket is $7 at the box office.


8:00 PM

 Planetarium Show

When: Sunday

Where: Shineman 2nd Floor

Description: If you have ever wanted to be an astronaut when you were a little kid, than you can fulfill that dream with this event. Professor John Zielinski, will take you through the planets of our solar system like you have never seem them before. It would feel just like you being on the surface of that planet. Some come on out and bring out your inner childhood with you to this event. Admission is free.

 Researched By: Peer Educator Emily Cooley

Photo Cred: Color Run