Lifestyles Center Blog


Friday February 26th


9:00 AM


Art Exhibit: “The Nature of Geometry or “Geometry of Nature”

When: Friday

Where: Rice Creek Field Station

Description: Come see some wonderful artwork by James Gyre. His work finds geometric shapes in nature.  So come on out and see the natural geometry he found. FREE for students.  If you are under 17 years, you need to be accompanied by an adult.


10:00 AM


Art Exhibit: “Of Light and Land”

When: Friday

Where: Oswego State Downtown 186 W. First St.

Description:  Come on out and see this great exhibit about landscaping artwork for free. You can see the wonderful landscape across Oswego. Oh and once again, IT’S FREE.


7:30 PM


“Festival of the Winds Band Concert”

When: Friday

Where: Oswego High School- Robinson Faust Theatre

Description: Come on out to hear some beautiful music by some talented kids.  This yearly concert showcases the talent of high school students. Free.


Saturday February 27th


11:00 AM


“Rice Creek Ramble”

When: Saturday

Where: Rice Creek Field Station

Description: Come take a brisk nature walk as you travel through the grounds of the Rice Creek Field Station. See the beauty of everything covered in snow.  You can get some exercise while seeing the landscape. Free.


8:00 PM


Mardi Gras Party

When: Saturday

Where: 70 East. First St

Description: If want a fun party to celebrate the culture of New Orleans while you’re stuck in snowy New York, go to this great Mardi Gras party where there will be food and music.  Admission is $3.

Photo Cred: Freeze