Lifestyles Center Blog


Thursday February 4th

 Art Exhibit: Of Light and Land

When: 10 AM

Where: Oswego State Downtown, 186 West First St.

What: Come on out to experience the natural beauty that is in and around Oswego.  The different landscapes capture the true beauty of areas around Lake Ontario.


Friday February 5th

 Student Art Exhibition

When: 10 AM

Where: Second floor Penfield Library

What: Come see the art students’ hard work shown throughout the masterpieces that they have created.  It is a good way to come and support the students and see the masterpieces they have made.
Women’s Basketball vs. Fredonia

When: 5:30 PM

Where: Max Ziel Gymnasium

What: Come support the women’s basketball team against Fredonia. Bring out your inner cheerleader and see if we can win against Fredonia.  Students are free.


Men’s Basketball vs. Fredonia

When: 7:30

Where: Max Ziel Gymnasium

What: Come on out and watch the men’s basketball team sweep the floor against Fredonia.  Come and watch what it really means to be a Laker fan with the men’s basketball game. Students are free.


Saturday February 6th

Wrestling vs. Buffalo State

When: 11 AM

Where: Lee hall Gymnasium

What: Come see the wrestlers show off their moves against Buffalo State.  Come see what wrestling is all about. Students are free.


Taste of the Canal Commons

When: 1 PM

Where: Oswego Downtown

What: Come brave the cold to come and explore the downtown life in Oswego.  You can come see what the local cuisine is in the community.  The tickets are a $1 each, some foods may cost more than 1 ticket.


Women’s Ice Hockey vs. William Smith

When: 3 PM

Where: Marano Campus Center

What: Come see the Women’s ice hockey team out-skill the William Smith team.  Show your enthusiasm of being a Laker.  Students are free.


Sunday February 7th

 Planetarium Show

When: 7 PM

Where: Rm 223 Shineman Center

What: Come explore the stars with this interactive planetarium show.  Bring out your exploratory side with this great show.  The seats are limited, so first come first serve.

Photo Cred: meme