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Since many of us will be going home for Thanksgiving, we’ll be spending a lot of time with family! Here are some things to do with family and friends when you’re not eating turkey and pumpkin pie.

  • Get crafty– Set up a board and have family members write what they are thankful for, make a centerpiece for the table or even print out some coloring pages for the holiday season. You’re never too old for coloring… right? 
  • Hold a board game tournament– Gather some family members together, pick a few of your favorite board games and have some healthy competition to see who wins them all!
  • Do the Turkey Trot– Sign up for the “Turkey Trot” walk or run in your area. It’s a great way to get some exercise before the big meal.
  • Have a Pumpkin Hunt– This is a game like an Easter Egg hunt. Hide some small pumpkins around the house or outside and then help the smaller children find them. It’s a great way to spend time with your younger relatives, but all ages can play.

More ideas here:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Emily Klingbeil, Peer Educator