Lifestyles Center Blog


Here’s the highlights of this weekend in case you weren’t on campus:

Lakers vs. Plattsburgh- The Lakers played Plattsburgh this past Friday for White Out Weekend. The Arena was packed. The crowd kept things lively even during down time, and nearly all were dressed in white for a true White Out effect! The Lakers out up a good fight and, though the game went into overtime, we tied 3-3 with Plattsburgh.

Lakers vs. Potsdam- Game two of White Out Weekend was this past Saturday. The crowd was back once again, and our Lakers weren’t disheartened by the tie on Friday. They played their best, but lost 2-4. Here’s to a win next time. Go Lakers!

National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day- We recognized this day on Sunday, and several fun sports and activities were played at Swetman Gym. There was something for everyone! Also, the Fitness Centers were free all day, including the group exercise activities like Yoga and Zumba.