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This weekend, along with being Valentines Day, was also filled with tons of exciting events. And as millions of spectators travelled out into the cold to see “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” even more came out to participate in campus events.

Rail Jam: On Saturday, the annual Oswego Rail Jam took place and people flocked to see SUNY Oswego students perform various winter sports tricks in the quad.

Shaun Cassidy Improv: This past Saturday’s “Maybe You’re Single, Maybe You’re Not” Show was met with what may have been their most rambunctious crowd yet. Laughs were thrown as various games were performed during the hour long show.

Women’s Hockey: This weekends past match against Stevenson University saw the young women with their hundredth win in their programs history. Under coach, Diane Dillon, the team’s exciting match was a victory all around.