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Friday, November 7

“The Rocky Horror Show” presented their latest show featuring an animated cast filled with talent. The crowd was also able to get in on the fun, as audience participation was encouraged. The show will be going on for one more weekend, so check it out!

Saturday, November 8

Shaun Cassidy Fan Club provided free laughter this weekend in the Marano Campus Center auditorium. Despite competing with hockey season, they drew in a crowd. The show included “Who’s Line is it Anyway”-style skits, hilarious line-up skits and puns, and short form comedy.

Men’s Hockey played against SUNY Canton for their home opener. In a match that ended in a 6-4 showdown, Oswego edged out Canton as the massive audience cheered on. Go Lakers!

The 8th annual Global Awareness Conference was hosted this weekend by students and faculty who share a mutual passion for culture and global studies.  Located in Hart Hall, the conference featured 50 various presentations and exhibits surrounding the celebration of cultural differences. Quote for this year’s conference: “All of our humanity is dependent upon recognizing the humanity in others.” -Desmond Tutu

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